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The beauty of this guide is along with the step-by-step photo technique guide you are presented with you can also see a video clip of the technique covered. You also have the opportunity to ask questions via email about each technique if you are still unsure.

What’s on a page?
Lets begin by looking at the Kneeing section of the guide in particular the side knee page:

The page will guide you through the steps of executing the side knee with a step-by-step photo guide, by clicking on each image will bring up a more detailed image.

Note: The video, email and download lesson are disabled in the demo page.

Side Knee

Purpose: The side knee technique is executed using the back leg while aiming for the side of your opponent’s body – the area between the waist and ribs.

Step 1:
Place both hands on the back of your opponent’s head following the same instructions as for the front knee (See “front knee” section).


Step 2:
Having gained control of your opponent’s head, raise your right knee so that it is directly in line with the target area. Your toes should be pointing upwards (Figure 2).

(Figure 2)

Tip: Keeping your toes pointing upwards will tense the whole of the leg making the knee stronger.


Step 3:
Make contact to the side of your opponent’s body using the inside of the knee (Figure 3).  

   (Figure 3)


Step 4:
As you drive the knee sideways into the side of your opponent’s body, simultaneously turn their head downwards in the same direction as the knee.

Tip: Wherever the head goes, the body will follow.


Tip: To get more power and leverage behind the knee, try raising yourself up on the ball of your foot with the standing leg when delivering the knee strike.


This knee strike can also be delivered off the leading leg in the same way.


Common mistakes to avoid:
(See “front knee” section)


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